Water Abstraction

Hydropower Regulation

The Environment Agency has published revised sections to the Hydropower Good Practice Guidelines on screening requirements, fish passage, weirs and competing hydropower schemes. 

All documents are available to download on the Environment Agency website.  The advice on weirs should be of particular interest.

Water Abstraction Reform

Defra-sponsored workshops took place in 2012 to bring together "Water Abstractors" to introduce potential reform options as part of their review of the system of water abstraction licenses.

The SPAB Mills Section and the Traditional Cornmillers Guild are both working at a national level to ensure the interests of watermillers are heard and taken into account in any final decisions but we also actively encouraged as many watermillers as possible to attend the workshops to ensure the needs of traditional millers and those who abstract water at mill sites for the purposes of micro hydro generation were represented in the debate. Further information and updates on this page will be posted as soon as they are available.

Read our 2012 letter to millers explaining the importance of this issue

Read the letter from Defra to water Abstractors and information on the project