Down Mill

Down Mill


Original unrestored watermill. The waterwheel itself is no longer present but internal machinery is in situ. Other vintage machinery remains on site.


Grid reference:

52.50717701402001, -2.4634559582289057

Postcode: WV16 6AL
Geocode: @52.50717701402, -2.46345595822 Open in Map


Do you own or look after this mill? Contact us

Opening Times:

Open for National Mills Weekend, 10 am - 4 pm

Check the Facebook Group for other opportunities.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Open 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May 2022

News & Events:

The mill will be open for National Mills Weekend. Volunteers will be on hand to give tours of the site and talk about future plans.

Additional Information:

The current owner aims to bring the watermill back into working order with the view to it becoming a local tourist attraction. He hopes that when it is completed it will be open to the general public for group visits, guided tours, and educational trips. A Facebook Group for the mill gives updates on progress and other information.