Pittern Hill Windmill

Pittern Hill Windmill


A late 18th century lias stone-built tower, originally brick lined and now much patched with brick. Slight barrel shape; metal sheeted domed cap; remains of curb and rack; 4 storeys. Interior floors and access stairs replaced. No machinery remains although traces of the location of 2 pairs millstones can be seen. Houses a collection of rural artefacts and displays which are relevant to local...


Grid reference:

SP 325 517

OS sheet:


Postcode: CV35 0JF
Geocode: @52.1595797, -1.5220845 Open in Map

North of B4086, mile W of Kineton.


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Opening Times:

National Mills Weekend only

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Saturday and Sunday, 9th & 10th May 14.00-17.00.