Halnaker Windmill

Halnaker Windmill


A small, stone tower mill built about 1800 and clad with tiles at a later date, with cap and skeleton sails. Restored 2017-2018. No machinery or floors inside the tower.


Grid reference:

SU 920 097

Town/city: Chichester
OS sheet:


Postcode: PO18 0NQ
Geocode: @50.8652774, -0.7083316 Open in Map

At Halnaker, about 3 miles NE of Chichester. Footpath leads to mill.


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Opening Times:

Can be viewed at any time from outside. Interior is empty.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Available to view, from outside only, at any time.

News & Events:

A restoration programme to the windmill is nearing completion. During the first phase (completed in 2017) the tile-hung façade was completely replaced and extensive repair work carried out to the cap and balcony.

Phase two of the works (completed in June 2018) saw its four 15ft sails hoisted back into position. Until works are completed the tower remains surrounded by fencing.