Stubb Mill

Stubb Mill


A brick-built tower drainage mill with a scoopwheel, built between 1795 and 1825. The mill was subsequently increased in height, and was restored in 2011 by trainee millwrights from the Broads scheme. Owned by Norfolk Wildlife Trust.


Grid reference:

TG 437 220

Town/city: Norwich
OS sheet:


Postcode: NR12 0BW
Geocode: @52.740599, 1.60942 Open in Map

Park at NWT Hickling Broad Visitor Centre, pay for entrance to the reserve and walk about 1200 metres down the footpath to the mill. Limited Disabled parking at the mill (ask at visitor centre).


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Opening Times:

Open April to September, 2nd Sunday of the month, 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm. 

Sunday 8th September: Memories from the Mill, 12 noon to 4pm. Exhibition and access to climb into the cap.

It may also be possible to arrange private group visits to the mill.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

2019: Sunday 12 May, 12 noon to 4pm. Access to climb into the cap.

Additional Information:

Stubb mill is owned by Norfolk Wildlife Trust and lies within the site of the National Nature Reserve at Hickling Broad. Entrance is free for members and children; £4.50 for non-members, includes entry to the reserve. Book at the visitor centre on arrival. Access along road E from Hickling via Stubb.

The mill was built, along with several other drainage windmills, by Sir George Berney Brograve. Water discharged from the mill flowed into Meadow dyke via drains, one of which is called the Commissioners drain.