Impington Windmill

Impington Windmill


A 2-storey, hexagonal white smock mill on a 3-storey brick base, with ogee cap. Built in 1776 on the base of a 17th century post mill and raised on the tower around 1850, with patent sails added. Being restored by the owner; sails fitted and working, 2007; original machinery awaiting refurbishment.


Grid reference:

TL 442 623

Town/city: Histon
OS sheet:


Postcode: CB24 9NU
Geocode: @52.240802, 0.1105727 Open in Map

Just north of A14, off B1049. Turn left into Cambridge Rd, mill is 250yds on left, 1 mile south of Histon.


Name: Mrs Pippa Temple
Phone: 1223232284

Opening Times:

By appointment. Parties by arrangement.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Saturday & Sunday 12th & 13th May,10.00 - 16.00.

Additional Information: