Finchingfield Windmill

Finchingfield Windmill


The smallest post mill in Essex, dating from about 1756, with a roundhouse added in 1840. It was last used in the 1890s. The mill contains a single pair of millstones and an all-wooden windshaft. Owned and restored by Essex County Council.


Grid reference:

TL 687 329

Town/city: Braintree
OS sheet:


Postcode: CM7 4NA
Geocode: @51.969534, 0.452096 Open in Map

Up a short path off B1057 Haverhill Road, close to the centre of Finchingfield.


Name: Ms Gemma Clayton
Phone: 0345 603 7624

Opening Times:

April to September, 3rd Sunday in each month, 2pm to 5pm. Parties by arrangement.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Sunday 12th May 2pm to 5pm.