Oldland Windmill

Oldland Windmill


A white post mill, first known on a map dated 1703 and in operation until 1912. The mill has many unusual features including an octagonal brick roundhouse and a fine collection of cast iron machinery. Some of the machinery in the body was driven by an external steam engine. Restoration is complete and milling is regularly carried out, stone-ground flour being available for sale at the mill. ...


Grid reference:

TQ 321 163

Town/city: Keymer
OS sheet:


Postcode: BN6 8ND
Geocode: @50.9306374, -0.1206967 Open in Map

About half mile north of Keymer, off B2116 Ockley Lane. Turn right at the left bend down Mill Lane, but no vehicles please: this is a private road and access to the mill is on foot only.


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Opening Times:

2019: From May to September on the first Sunday of the month, 2pm - 5pm. Also open on Saturday 12th May, times to be confirmed.

Open for extended hours on event days on 5th May and 1st September, 11am - 5pm 

Visitors also welcome on working party days most Thursdays mornings throughout the year. 

See website for more details.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

2019: Sunday 12 May from 2pm - 5pm as a minimum, check website for details.

Guides available to answer questions and, wind permitting, milling will take place.

News & Events:

Special Event day 5th May 2019. See website for details.

Additional Information:

Voluntary entrance fee of £3 per person or £5 per family.