Coleshill Watermill

Coleshill Watermill


A small, 3-storey watermill with two pairs of millstones, and machinery from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Ceased work early in twentieth century. Sensitively restored to working order in 2005, leaving a high proportion of original machinery. Now milling again. Owned by the National Trust.


Grid reference:

SU 235 933

Town/city: Coleshill
OS sheet:

163 & 174

Postcode: SN6 7PT
Geocode: @51.6404254, -1.6604847 Open in Map

In Coleshill village, on B4019 between Faringdon and Highworth. Take the lane to the mill S from the E side of the river. Parking in estate office yard.


Name: Mr Colin Evins
Phone: 07804811132

Opening Times:

Second Sunday of each month, April to October. 14.00 – 17.00. Currently not milling because of problems with the leat.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Sunday only, 14.00 - 17.00. No need to book, normal entry fee to the mill applies.