Court of Noke Mill

Court of Noke Mill


Visitors may walk round the water gardens. The gardens were supplied from the river Arrow. The water then fed a waterwheel here at the adjoining farm. Its main purpose was to grind feed for the herd of prize Hereford cattle. The 19th century low breastshot waterwheel and complex iron gear drove barn machinery and a pair of millstones. The waterwheel has now been restored.


Grid reference:

SO 372 595

Town/city: Stauton
OS sheet:


Postcode: HR6 9HW
Geocode: @52.2312129, -2.9247878 Open in Map

On N side of road, halfway between Shobdon and Lyonshall. Turn into lane on W side of house. Large car park is within 50 yards on right-hand side.


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Opening Times:

National Mills Weekend

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Saturday and Sunday, 10.00-16.00. (Donations for Staunton Church).