Dunkirk Mills

Dunkirk Mills


A line of mill buildings up to 5 storeys high built between 1798 and 1855 as a woollen mill. Now mostly converted to flats, but the Stroudwater Textile Trust Visitor Centre at the north end includes an 1855 wheel driving working textile machinery. There are two other large overshot wheels and a small museum. Groups can be shown the two earlier waterwheels and a restored millpond by appointment...


Grid reference:

SO 845 005

Town/city: Nailsworth
OS sheet:


Postcode: GL5 5HH
Geocode: @51.705998, -2.2291541 Open in Map

At Nailsworth, on E side of A46. Park at Egypt Mill and walk 1km down the cycle trail. No parking except disabled at Dunkirk mill.


Name: Ian Mackintosh
Phone: 01453 766273

Opening Times:

May to September, 1st and 3rd weekends each month, bank holiday Mondays and the last Wednesday in the month. mostly 14.00-16.00. Parties at other times by arrangement. (See web site for dates & times).

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Open 11 to 6, Saturday 9th May & Sunday 10th May, along with The Weaving Shed, Gigg Mill, Nailsworth GL6 0JF. Demonstrations of machinery at both mills as on the website. See also St Mary's Mill.