Thorrington Tidemill

Thorrington Tidemill


A weather-boarded tide mill built in 1831 with a breastshot waterwheel and three pairs of millstones. The mill has been restored to working order by Essex County Council. Mills flour occasionally, dependent on tides.


Grid reference:

TM 083 194

Town/city: Thorrington
OS sheet:


Postcode: CO7 8JJ
Geocode: @51.834686, 1.0211103 Open in Map

About 7 miles SE of Colchester. Off B1029 Brightlingsea Road, about half a mile S of B1027. No vehicle access beyond car park, please. No access for vehicles when closed.


Name: Ms Gemma Clayton
Phone: 0345 603 7624

Opening Times:

April to September, last Sunday in the month, and bank holidays, plus National Mills Sunday, 14.00-17.00. Parties by arrangement.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Not Open.