Topcliffe Watermill

Topcliffe Watermill


The mill is a timber-framed building with weatherboarding and a tiled roof, set over four floors. The mill is on a probable Domesday site. The present building dates from the late 18th century and has a Victorian extension. The waterwheel was removed in about 1942 but all of the machinery and three pairs of millstones remain. Mill history exhibition.


Grid reference:

TL 378 467

Town/city: Meldreth
OS sheet:


Postcode: SG8 6NT
Geocode: @52.100835, 0.010719 Open in Map

36 North End. At the end of a long drive, opposite the Holy Trinity Church in Meldreth. Parking in the lay-by opposite the church.


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Opening Times:

Not normally open

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May, 2pm to 5pm.