Y Felin, Tynygraig, Ystrad Meurig

Y Felin, Tynygraig, Ystrad Meurig


Also known as Gwnnws Mill, probably early 18th century; part of the Crosswood Estate; machinery scrapped in the 1930s. Since 1980 the building and pond have been restored and a salvaged waterwheel installed.  Machinery and millstones also salvaged from a local mill, awaiting fitting as part of a future plan to create a working corn mill.


Grid reference:

SN 692 695

Town/city: Tynygraig
OS sheet:


Postcode: SY25 6AE
Geocode: @51.4441239, -3.1678332 Open in Map

12 miles from Aberystwyth, just off B4340, in Tynygraig. Go between brick pillars opposite bus shelter, down track for 150 yds. Mill on the right.


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Opening Times:

Visitors welcome by appointment only.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Not open 2018