Spital Square Appeal

SPAB Spital Square Appeal

In 2012, when SPAB embarked on a programme of repair and redecoration of its Georgian headquarters in Spital Square, we appealed to our members for help. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who donated, a total of £36,800 was raised for the Spital Square Appeal.

Spital Square was the architectural centre piece in the area when it was built in the 18th century. Many properties of that period have now been demolished. This listed building is now the only remaining Georgian property located directly on the square.

As a place to live and a place to work, our building is also historically significant. It is associated with the development of silk weaving and other trades around Spitalfields.
In 1981 we purchased the building from the Spitalfields Trust, which had rescued the property from a state of dereliction. Repair and conservation work took place shortly after we acquired the building. Thirty years on the property needed more structural work as well as decoration throughout. The money raised has helped us safeguard this architectural gem for the future.

To say thank-you we invited our donors to several events at SPAB headquarters so they could see the repair work they had helped to fund. Our building benefactors, those that gave £250 or above, are acknowledged on our donor board which hangs in the entrance hall.

For more information on how you can support the SPAB Spital Square Appeal please contact development@spab.org.uk