Guardians' Election 2017

SPAB Guardians' election 2017

The Guardians’ committee is responsible for upholding the ethos and traditions of the Society. In addition, Guardians play a leading role in the Society’s listed building casework and in historic buildings policy discussions. We are keen to attract people from across the country and with a range of skills. All paid-up SPAB members are eligible to stand and vote in the Guardians' election. The deadline to stand as a candidate in 2017 was 22 May and the election deadline was 25 July. 

We would like to thank our members for participating in the SPAB elections during the summer and welcome the following new Guardians:

Mildred Cookson: millwright and SPAB & Mills Section (Reading)

Sarah Kahn: architect and a partner at Roger Mears Architects (London)

Lawrence Kelly: repairer of old buildings (Oxford)

Oliver Wilson: SPAB 2015 Scholar and architect originally from Donegal (Bristol)

In addition, Robert Davies, Britt Harwood, Rachel Morley and James Weir were re-elected to the committee.

We are hugely grateful for the contribution our outgoing Guardians have made to the work of the SPAB: Fiona Deaton, Ian Harper, Rachel Broomfield and Mark Archer (continuing as a SPAB Treasurer).

If you're interested in applying to stand as a candidate in the 2018 election, you can find out how in your spring 2018 SPAB Magazine. 

The SPAB's Executive committee (i.e. its trustees) looks after the running of the Society and is ultimately responsible for its finances, activities, staff, volunteers, property etc. The Executive is made up of 12 members, eight of whom are elected from the Guardians' committee. So by voting in the Guardians' election you are indirectly also voting for the SPAB's Executive committee. 

If you have any questions about the Guardians' or Executive committees, or about the election process, please contact Pippa Evans, Officer to the Board & Director, on or call 020 7377 1644.