About Regional Events


Organised by volunteers

Thanks to our member-volunteers, SPAB has a number of thriving Regional Groups who organise many local SPAB-related events. They always welcome new people keen to get involved or suggest ideas for activities. Events range from the technical, such as lime days, to the more aesthetic, e.g. a small concert in an historic building. On the whole they constitute visits to private buildings not normally open to the public, and a chance to speak to local historians and experts.

The Regional Groups started in 1994 and the number has grown each year until now we have 19: SPAB in the North West, SPAB in the North East, Yorkshire, South Lancashire & Cheshire, East Midlands, Fenland and Wash, Suffolk, Essex, North and South Wales, the Marches, Somerset, Bath & Bristol, SPAB in Devon, Gloucestershire, Sussex, Kent & Surrey, Hampshire, and the Isle of Man. There is also SPAB in Scotland. 

If you join the SPAB you will receive contact details and activities of the local group in your area. All members of SPAB are welcome at any events organised by any group, provided there is room. 

For details of events, explore the regional groups pages (passworded for members) or contact SPAB.





Pictured: Apethorpe interior
(copyright Jennifer Lawler)