The Property List

Are you trying to sell an old building that needs repair work, renovation or conversion to a new use?

Many of our members are looking for precisely these sorts of buildings. Send us details and we will advertise it free to our members.

You can post particulars to our office at 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY, fax to 020 7247 5296 or email them to

There is no charge for advertising on this list as it is published by the Society to help the buildings.

Details of buildings come from estate agents, individuals, auctioneers, dioceses and local councils. Members are always referred directly to the agent in charge of the sale.

Are you looking for an interesting historic property that needs repair?
Every quarter, the SPAB compiles and publishes a list of historic buildings in need of repair or new use that are for sale or lease.
These range from castles to cottages to churches to industrial buildings and prices range from £50,000 to £10 million.
The list is only available to SPAB members as we are aiming to find sympathetic and principled owners for buildings ‘in need’.

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