Repair of Ancient Buildings

Repair of Ancient Buildings
A.R. Powys
Fourth Edition
A reprint of the 1920s classic

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Repair of Ancient Buildings, A.R. Powys, Fourth EditionThis book, written by A.R. Powys, a former Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, was first published in 1929.  It describes methods for the repair of historic buildings in accordance with the principles of the Society as laid down in 1877 by its founders, who included John Ruskin and William Morris.

‘Powys’ has continued to be a useful source of reference for architects, builders and others concerned with building repair. Repair of Ancient Buildings was reprinted in 1981, 1995 and now again in 2015. Notes have been added where it was thought necessary to take account of advances in knowledge and technology over the last 85 years, to fill certain gaps, and to provide extra information. The text itself remains unaltered, but minor corrections are included in the new notes.

The reprint also includes warnings about the recommendations on the conservation of wallpaintings, which we now know to have been seriously mistaken.

General advice to those in charge of ancient buildings
The survey of an ancient building
Temporary supports, scaffolding and protection from damage during work
The disposal of rainwater
Masonry, brickwork and walls generally
The repair of ancient timber roofs and other works of fine carpentry
Roof coverings
Church bells and bell hanging
The repair of window glazing
The protection of wall paintings