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The Repair of Timber Frames and Roofs

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by James Boutwood FSA RIBA
This pamphlet is intended to provide architects, builders and surveyors with some simple information about the type of repairs which the Society believes should  be used when working on the repair of timber framed buildings and roofs.
  1. Introduction
  2. Archaeology and recording
  3. Site control of repairs
  4. Decay and infestation
  5. Stripping and cladding
  6. Distortion and movement
  7. Choice of timber to be used in repairs
  8. Pegs
  9. Repairs using resin
  10. The use of metal in repairwork
  11. Repairs to timber roofs
  12. Flitch plates
  13. Scarf joints
  14. Repairs to posts and studs
  15. Cill plates
  16. Filling holes and shakes in old timbers
  17. Dating timbers used in repairs
  18. Finishing new and old timbers
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