Notes From Courses

Course Notes & Handouts

HOW1/11:  Homeowners' Weekend Course, London

Catharine Bull:  Energy Efficiency (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

David John:  Breathabilty and Damp (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Jenny Chesher: Case Study (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Alan Gardner:  Surfaces and Finishes (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Matthew Slocombe:  Law and Planning Handout (CLICK HERE TO DOWLOAD)

T3/11:  Building Specification Writing:  Including Lime Mortar Mixes and General Guidance

Tim Ratcliffe:  Presentation (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Tim Ratcliffe:  Lime Article  (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

T8/10:  Structural Engineering Solutions to Timber Frame Buildings:  22nd November 2010

Ed Morton: Presentation (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

T6/10:  SPAB U-Value Research Project:  Presenting the Results So Far:  12th Ocober 2010

The SPAB Research Report 1:  U-Value Report, by Dr Caroline Rye (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the progress of the SPAB Energy Efficiency Research Project, please visit our Energy Efficiency page to download the latest reports.