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Getting to grips with damp video

Mike Parrett’s Top Tips
SPAB is committed to founder William Morris exhortation to: “Stave off decay by daily care” – a maintenance message that’s still relevant to all properties today.  In the 21st century SPAB’s mission to advise, educate and campaign continues to take building care and conservation into the future.
Damp is major maintenance issue.  After decades of sales-led ‘solutions’.  SPAB member, Mike Parrett’s back-to-basics approach gets to grips with where damp comes from – and offers real, practical advice to deal with it.
Mike is one of the country’s leading Building Pathologists and co-author of the RICS best seller, ‘Diagnosing Damp’ the recognised primary reference work on dampness in buildings.  While working for Lewisham Council, he solved the damp problems in over 30,000 properties without once chemically injecting a DPC.  Mike is a director of Damp Diagnosis Consultancy Ltd and contactable via
This video has been created with the support of BYL Group PLC – sponsors of SPAB’s National Maintenance Week.  BYL is the UK’s leading building industry consultancy with skills from building control to construction consultancy, fire safety engineering and training.  See
There are 20 video clips on damp as an issue, click on the link below to view these.
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